Kalpa Travel : Tourist Places, Attractions & Best Time

Kalpa Travel Best Time

Kalpa Travel : Tourist Places, Attractions & Best Time

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Located at an altitude of 9711 feet in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Kalpa is placed in the Kinner-Kailash range. It sits above the Reckong Peo, which is a hub of Buddhist culture and home to various monasteries. Kalpa is a home to many Hindu shrines from where one can view the breathtaking snowy peaks. Tourists may also enjoy the beautiful view of the Sutlej River in Kalpa that flows down the Great Himalayas and passes through the rocky surface of Kinnaur.

Earlier, the region was under the reign of the Magadha Dynasty that was followed by the Mauryan Empire during 6th century. In fact, Kinnaur was also ruled by the Guge Kingdom of Tibet during the 9th and 12th centuries. Later, King Akbar ruled the region and brought it under the Mughal Empire. Once you visit Kalpa, you’ll find a picturesque view of green orchards, gorgeous valleys, forests of cedar, high altitude deserts and striking gorges. A long drive through the rugged mountains rising up from the riverbanks and the Sutlej slicing deep gap through the Great Himalayas give a wonderful experience to cherish forever.

Once you step in Kalpa, you will be greeted by the most stunning views of the Kinner-Kailash Mountain and a 70-m Shiva Lingam that strikes out of the peak. The Suicide Point is another famous spot, which is 10 minutes away from the apple orchards. Adventure seekers may enjoy trekking in Kalpa and unfold the scenic beauty of the place. Holidaying in Kalpa is admirable for its perfect combination of Hindu and Buddhist culture, gardens and blooming valley in summer.

Adventure Activities

Kapla offers plenty of activities for adventure seekers. One may enjoy mountain-biking, trekking, mountain-cycling, trout fishing, jeep safaris, and angling in the Baspa River. Other outdoor activities include star-gazing, hiking, camping, and river rafting that you will love to indulge in.

Shopping in Kalpa

You can buy Kinnauri shawls and caps from the Handicrafts Emporium in Kalpa. The place is also popular for offering high quality Chilgoza that are grown here.

Where to Stay

There are quite a few impressive accommodation options in Kalpa, where one may choose to stay in luxury. Our hotels are very comfortable, offering a relaxing holiday to the tourists.

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Fairs and Festivals

One of the main festivals of Kalpa is the Phulech Festival, which is celebrated with great zest in the month of September and October. Locals collect flowers from the surrounding areas and offer them to the God of the village and later on these flowers are distributed among the people.

Weather and Climate

During summer (June-August), the weather is pleasant with the temperature ranging between 9 °C -13°C. This season is perfect for sightseeing tour and trekking. Monsoon starts in November and lasts till December. Tourists are advised to not visit during this season as the roads on the way are quite bad and prone to landslides. During winters i.e January and February,there is heavy snowfall and the temperature drops below freezing point, so it is not advisable to visit during winter months.

Best Time to Visit

June to August are the peak months when tourists from all across the world visit here for sightseeing tour, trekking and exploring the lush green valleys and forests.

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