Best Things to do in Kalpa

Things to do in Kapla

Best Things to do in Kalpa

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Plan a picnic, go for trekking or simply lie down amidst the green grass and gawk at the enticing nature, Kalpa’s list of things to do has something for everyone. Take a walk through the beautiful apple orchards or Chilgoza pines forest and enjoy the sweet smelling cool air. Sweat a little by climbing some strenuous mountains and take pleasure in resting on the mountain top amidst the panoramic views of nature like never before. Don’t forget to take back home some excellent quality Chilgozas and Kinnauri shawls. If you happen to be here during the month of September or October do attend the Phulech Festival that is celebrated with colourful flower garlands and great verve.

Sightseeing in Kalpa

Sightseeing in Kalpa is all about gazing in utter amazement at the stunning view of Kinner – and believe it or not – you may just land up spending the whole day doing just that – it is totally mesmerising! Kalpa is surrounded by apple orchards and forests of Chilgoza pines and the air is clean and crisp.

The villages nearby, especially Chini village are abuzz with friendly folk who won’t let you pass their homes without an invitation for a cup of tea and a chat. Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, and gompas stick out like Christmas decorations on the mountain slopes and makes for an interesting sight.

The architectural style is a happy fusion and you are left marvelling at how two cultures, Hindu and Buddhist, blend harmoniously in this land, making it impossible to tell where one stops and the other begins.

Shopping in Kalpa

Shopping in Kalpa is all about buying Kinnauri shawls and caps from the Handicrafts Emporium in Kalpa. Kalpa has earned its name because of good quality Chilgoza, which grow over here in abundance.

Activities in Kalpa

Trekking, mountain-biking, mountain-cycling, jeep safaris, trout fishing and angling in the Baspa River, star-gazing, camping, hiking, and river rafting are some of the outdoor activities in Kalpa that you can enjoy. The ancient villages and breath taking scenery offer many candid camera moments.

NearBy Places in Kalpa

Some of the interesting places near Kalpa that you can enjoy are Rekong Peo, Kothi, Sangla Valley, among others.

Rekong Peo is 13 kms from Kalpa and is the headquarters of Kinnaur district. Apart from the very good views of the Kinner Kailash, the tourists if travelling onward to Tabo in Spiti can their permits here.

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Kothi is a 30 minute drive and just 3kms from Rekong Peo. Here there is a temple dedicated to the goddess Chanadika Devi and the temple has an unusual architectural style and finely executed sculpture. There is an exquisite gold image of goddess Chanadika Devi is enshrined in sanctum.

Sangla Valley on the banks of the Bapsa River, lies 57 kms away, and 8900 ft above sea level is surrounded by snow capped mountains, meandering streams and verdant landscape that are bound to cast their spell on you. Besides soaking in the natural beauty of the place, one can visit various places around the valley – some of them being the Kamru Fort, Rackchham, Kilba, Naga Temple, and Sapni.

Across the River Bapsa lies the tiny hamlet of Batseri, a very traditional village follows the customs and culture of the days of yore and seems to have been caught in a time warp. The people are simple here and their main occupation is weaving shawls and the Kinnauri caps – so be sure to buy some.

Eating Out in Kalpa

Eating out in Kalpa is about savouring local delicacies at the various dhabas here. You can also savour momos and thukpas here in Kalpa.

Festivals & Events in Kalpa

The Phulech Festival is the most important festival in Kalpa which is celebrated with great vigour in September/October. The local villagers collect flowers from the surrounding hilltops, and then offer them to the village deity and later these flower garlands are distributed among the people.


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